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『光の速度、影の時間』をTOWNTONEよりリリース。TOKYO FMブランニューソングに起用される。



これまでに折坂悠太、ゑでぃまぁこん、森は生きている、ザ・なつやすみバンド、トクマルシューゴ、高井息吹、中西レモン、Maxi Priest等のレコーディングやライブに参加。その際FUJI ROCK FESやROCK IN JAPAN等の大型フェスにも出演。参加作品のplaylistをspotifyに公開している。


Tomoko Kageyama

Marimba vibraphone player, singer-songwriter

Born in Kobe. As a child, she was exposed to music and painting. 

After graduating from a music college, she performed in various genres such as jazz, Latin, rock, pops, and improvisation, mainly in Kansai, and performed with many artists in Japan and overseas.

Since 2011, she has moved to Tokyo and started performing in the style of playing marimba and vibraphone with her voice and words.

In 2015, she released her self-produced CDR “Before falling asleep. “

In 2019, she released a full-length album "Speed of light, time of shadows" with 19 musicians from east and west of Japan. She is appointed to TOKYO FM brand new song. In 2023, she released 2nd full album "Tampopo*2○2●"

As a player, Moriwaikiteiru, Eddie Marcon, Yuta Orisaka, The Natsuyasumi Band, Shugo Tokumaru, Maxi Priest, etc. with live performances and recordings. She has also performed at large festivals such as FUJI ROCK FES and ROCK IN JAPAN. She has participated in other TV and CM song recordings.

She also gives marimba and vibraphone lessons and presides over the “Wind and Tree Music school”. She also conducts tailor-made lessons that look at each individual's individuality, as well as music therapy and workshops for children with slow development.

In the fall of 2022, she moved to Yamanashi Prefecture after living in Tokyo for about 10 years. She aims to express her music in a more natural way while enjoying the polished water, air and forests at the foot of Mt. Fuji, living close to nature.

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